Within the Pelican network, anyone can set up their own group(s). Whether you want to set up a group amongst your work colleagues or friends to discuss a given market or trading in general, they are simple to set up.

If you are an experienced trader and want to set up a group to pass on your trading knowledge or a mentor looking to migrate your clients into one easy-to-manage platform and discussion forum with a subscription model, Pelican caters to your needs.

You can start a group with as many users as you like on Pelican. Groups are great for passing on knowledge, chatting to colleges or a friend, and if you're a trader looking to migrate your clients you can set up rage or subscription type groups...

Public groups: anyone can join and comment
Private groups: hidden from the activity page, it's invite only
Spectator only groups: anyone can join, but only an admin can comment
Paid for groups: a subscription based group you have to pay for access

To join a create a new group follow the simple steps below...

Firstly (if you haven't already) download the Pelican app - simply search for "Pelican Trading" on the App or Play Store and download, and create an account.

Tap the "Activity" icon in the bottom navigation, the the "My Groups" tap at the top. Here you'll find a list of all the groups you're a member of. If you're joining a group for the first time this will be blank.

Then tap the icon in the top right corner to begin creating your own group.

On this next screen can add a group name, description, and add a picture.

You can edit the groups settings at the bottom of this page too.

To add additional members to the group, tap the "Invite someone to this group" button.

On the next screen you'll see a list of all users on Pelican. You can scroll or tap the search bar at the top to search users by name, and toggle them on to add them to the group.

If you want to invite someone to the group who isn't on the app yet, tap the "Invite a friend" in the top right corner, and select them from your phone's contact list.

Once all the users you want in the group are selected, tap the "Next" button.

Here you can give any members of your group admin rights.

An admin can edit group settings, invite other users, and comment in a spectator only group.

When you're finished just tap "Done".

That's it, you're done!

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