You don't need a Mentor code to use the app. If you have one it will have been given to you by a Mentor promoting a free or subscription based group. Not to be confused with a Coupon Code. 

If you need help with a Coupon Code, see the full article here

Mentor codes are short and can be anything from a recognisable word, or any random letters and numbers. 

To use your Mentor code, firstly (if you haven't already) download the Pelican app - simply search for "Pelican Trading" on the App or Play Store and download.

Create an account. There are 3 steps to setting up an account, on the 4th you'll see the screen; "Do you have a Mentor code?".

When you get there, tap "I have a mentor code" (see image above).

On the next screen, simply enter your Mentor code provided.

Thats it, you're in!

To find your Mentor group - when in the app, tap the "Discover" icon in the bottom navigation bar. There you'll see your group waiting for you. 

Tap on the group to join and begin chatting and trading. 

If you've accidentally skipped the "I have a mentor code" button just tap the "Account" icon in the bottom navigation, then "Settings", then finally tap "Enter code supplied by mentor". 

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