If you have created a paid for Account - users can only copy your account if they pay your subscription fee.

To set-up a Subscription fee on your profile - you must first have a live trading account attached.

Then from 'Account' under 'Manage', select to 'Charge a fee to be copied'. Enter the Fee, this can be monthly or an annual fee.

You will then receive a confirmation message - that your Charge is now ACTIVE.

COLLECTING YOR FEES - Subscription fees are paid directly to our central administration portal. So monthly we need to pay you your fees.

You will need to send an invoice to support@pelicantrading.io at the beginning of each month. The total value should be calculated as:

Total number of members for the previous month X value of Account subscription.

Subtract 25.6% (which includes a 20% admin fee and a 5.6% transaction cost).

For example if you had 6 members for the month, and Account subscription fee = $50, you would need to raise an invoice for:

6 x $50 = $300 -25.6% = $223.20

Your invoice must include ALL of the following:

- Name of account

- Your address

- Bank name

- Address of bank


- SWIFT/BIC code

We aim to pay you within 10 days.

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