Pelican is designed to allow you to interact with friends and users in exactly the way you want.

Only a group's "Owner" or "Admin" can edit the group's settings. To do so follow the steps below...

Firstly, go into the group you're a member of and tap the settings cog icon in the top right corner.

Scroll down and you can customise your group's settings. For example you can make a group private by changing the group type.

Other settings that you can change in a group are...

Make group private

Your group will be hidden on the Discover page.

Members can view only

Disables anyone other than group Admins and the group owner sending a message.

Show leaderboard

Displays a leaderboard icon in the top right corner of the group. Here you can see who's making the most money within the group.

View admin only

Only see the group's Owner or Admin's messages or trades.

Mute notifications

Turn off any notifications from this group.

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